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  33. This sword is a beautiful sword, and such a bargain. The Tsuba (hand guard) is absolutely gorgeous, the pommel is secured tightly, and the sword is extremely well balanced. The blade in beautiful as well, you can see that it’s folded steel and mine came extremely sharp. The scabbard is nicely crafted and fits the sword perfectly. On the scabbard, the sageo and the kurikata are secured beautifully.

  34. this is a fine weapon. It came sharp as a razor from the factory, still wrapped and oiled. The saya is wooden, no rattle and the sword will not fall out under duress. The hamon is real, not wire brushed, as other reviewers have stated. I agree with the previous poster, this is no toy. The Blade is undamaged after cutting the box it came in into slithers, and then a bleach bottle filled with water clean in half in one clean stroke. In practiced hands, this katana could make an attacker, or would be attacker, wish they hadn’t crossed you in the first place. Zombies would fall in droves before the might of this blade!!!

  35. One of the strongest blades I won that isn’t truly Damascus steel, but is very close to the strength of such. This blade has a good weight to it, which makes it very easy to cut through many things given it has a sharp edge, which mine does. The design and construction are marvelous and I would definitely give this blade some consideration if you are looking for a good sword.

  36. this is a good quality sword for practicing but a fraction of the cost of a Japanese sword. Beware the blade is extremely sharp and highly recommend the maintenance kit as the sword needs to be cleaned and oiled every time you use it and at least monthly if just displayed.

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